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DCMP News & Announcements

  • Screen shot of DCMP students accounts.

    Improved Students Accounts Offer a Strong Classroom Tool

    We've been working hard to make it easier for you to create, manage, and share DCMP accounts for your students. We've streamlined the process of creating and managing student accounts. Assigning videos to students is now more intuitive. Media permissions can be assigned quickly to individuals and groups, or Classes, that you create. Our student account instructions and video tutorial make it easy as pie to get started.

  • A teen girl sits in her living room, talking and gesturing.

    Child Abuse Prevention Month

    Each year, there are nearly three million reports of child abuse and neglect. We also know that the risk of violence to children with disabilities is routinely three to four times higher than that of non-disabled children. Your awareness of this terrible problem will grow through views of DCMP resources such as: 1) A Terrible Secret. Young Nari has a terrible secret she can't tell anyone. Her drawings in art class of dark images and scary faces are of concern to her teacher, who senses what might be wrong; 2) The Eleventh Commandment. In this music video, Collin Raye addresses the heartbreaking reality of child abuse; and 3) Talk to Me. One in six victims of sexual assault is under the age of twelve. Preteen and teen victims are often silenced by fear, shame, guilt, and threats of reprisal.

  • Raising a Visually Impaired Child. Several photos of parents and children.

    Raising A Visually Impaired Child

    Individuals with visual impairments and their family members discuss their lives in this series from Family Connect. Highlighted are the activities they participate in including singing, music lessons, theater, and sports. These short videos also promote the message of inclusion and treating everyone with respect.

    Raising a Visually Impaired Child

  • A young boy with long hair rides a skateboard with the words Heart Child.

    Autism Awareness Month

    Autism is a lifelong developmental disability with no single known cause. Learn about its impact and how it is being dealt with through viewing of DCMP titles such as these: 1) Heart Child. This documentary chronicles the story of a mother's journey to create and sustain a non-profit organization for autistic children. While she has health struggles of her own, she starts A.skate (Autism. Skating with Kids through Acceptance, Therapy, and Education); 2) Living With a Challenge. Shares experiences of children with autism and other disabilities who have been bullied; and 3) The Spectrum of Autism. Relates the experiences, challenges, and problems of several families who have struggled to care for children who are at various points on the spectrum.

New Media Releases

  • Image from Earth: The Operators' Manual

    Earth: The Operators' Manual - 2011 - 54 minutes

    Host award-winning geoscientist, Richard Alley provides an eye-opening look at some of the world's most important case studies in smart energy. Alley travels to Spain and Morocco where large-scale solar farms and individual photovoltaic panels atop tents in the Sahara are beginning to bring the vast potential of the sun down to Earth. In Brazil, abundant natural resources are transformed into efficient, sustainable biofuel, making Brazil the only nation whose cars could keep running if all gasoline were to vanish. In Denmark, and West Texas, citizens have taken sustainability into their own hands by becoming stakeholders in wind turbines. And in China, he explores multiple sustainable energy technologies, including exclusive footage from GreenGen, the world's most advanced low-carbon emissions power generation plant. Part One Earth: The Operators’ Manual.

  • Image from Curiosity Quest: Orange Packing

    Curiosity Quest: Orange Packing - 2011 - 26 minutes

    Join Joel and the Curiosity Quest crew on this tasty quest as he learns how oranges are grown, sorted, and packaged to be shipped across the world. Joel spends the day at Gillette Citrus Company and takes on the duty of orange picking with a fifty pound bag strapped to him. Part of the Curiosity Quest Series.

  • Image from Curiosity Quest Goes Green: Pest Control

    Curiosity Quest Goes Green: Pest Control - 2010 - 26 minutes

    Is it possible to keep pests out of the environment without using pesticides and herbicides? In this episode, Joel and crew learn how environmentally friendly ways to protect yards and gardens from pests. Part of the Curiosity Quest Series.

  • Image from Curiosity Quest: Rock Climbing

    Curiosity Quest: Rock Climbing - 2010 - 27 minutes

    Join Joel and the Curiosity Quest crew on this adventurous quest as they learn what it takes to become a rock climber. Watch as Joel attempts to climb the treacherous walls of the Red Rock Climbing Center. Part of the Curiosity Quest Series.

  • Image from Curiosity Quest Goes Green: Material Recovery Facility

    Curiosity Quest Goes Green: Material Recovery Facility - 2010 - 27 minutes

    Have you ever wondered what happens to a home after it is demolished? Join Joel and the Curiosity Quest crew to find out how 95% of a home can be recycled, including the interior. Part of the Curiosity Quest Series.

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