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DCMP News & Announcements

  • Michelle Obama stands behind a podium, smiling with arms up in the air at the Special Olympics.

    Special Olympics

    The 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games, a celebration of the talents, perseverance and achievements of those with intellectual disabilities, is being held in Los Angeles from July 25 to August 2, 2015. DCMP has resources for parents and educators of children with Down syndrome and other disabilities. Down Syndrome: The First 18 Months provides an introduction to the joys and challenges that children with Down syndrome bring to their families. Opening The Doors Of Tomorrow Today introduces educators to the benefits of inclusion for students with developmental disabilities, in particular, Down syndrome.

  • Drawing of a rabbit flying in an antique airplane.

    Famous July Women

    English author Beatrix Potter was born this month and is known from classics such as The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Also a July achiever, Amelia Mary Earhart was a the first woman to receive the U.S. Distinguished Flying Cross, awarded for becoming the first aviatrix to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Patent drawing of the Statue of Liberty.

    Happy Birthday, Statue of Liberty! August 5, 1884

    The cornerstone for the Statue of Liberty was laid on this August date more than a century ago. Learn more about the beginnings of Lady Liberty in America's Symbols, and America--The Story Of Us: Cities.

  • Patent drawing of slinky dog, a toy with a cartoon dog whose body is a stretchy spring.

    July: Anniversary of the First U. S. Patent

    The first U. S. patent was awarded to Samuel Hopkins over two hundred years ago. Go on a DCMP adventure through the ages to see how inventions are born and how each one—big or small—has the potential to significantly alter the course of history. Then, learn about a contest to reward those who can envision or help create the “greenest” inventions to use tomorrow.

  • A mother, father and young son sit in an office.

    Summer School for Parents: Prepare For Your IEP Role

    As your child’s parent, you are a key member of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team. You can utilize the lazy days of summer to prepare for your important role. If you are new to the process, view DCMP’s Inclusion, IEP & Special Needs Laws in order to walk more confidently into the IEP meeting at the start of school. You can also learn from over a dozen accessible IEP resources, which include a demonstration for interpreters on how to interpret vocabulary and emotional content commonly expressed by parents.

New Media Releases

  • Image from Just A Few Words, Mr. Lincoln: The Story of the Gettysburg Address

    Just A Few Words, Mr. Lincoln: The Story of the Gettysburg Address - 1999 - 22 minutes

    Abraham Lincoln had to run the country, win the Civil War, and look after his family. When he was asked to honor the soldiers who died in the great battle of Gettysburg, he made time to say a few words about them too. Tells the true story about the Gettysburg Address. Based on the book by Jean Fritz.

  • Image from Who Says Women Can't Be Doctors?

    Who Says Women Can't Be Doctors? - 2014 - 12 minutes

    In the 1830's, when a brave and curious girl named Elizabeth Blackwell was growing up, women were supposed to be wives and mothers. Career options were few. But Elizabeth refused to accept these common beliefs and would not take no for an answer. This inspiring story of the first female doctor in America shows how one strong-willed woman opened the doors for all the female doctors to come. Based on the book by Tanya Lee Stone.

  • Image from One Cool Friend

    One Cool Friend - 2014 - 14 minutes

    When well-mannered Elliot reluctantly visits the aquarium with his distractible father, he politely asks whether he can have a penguin. Then he removes one from the penguin pool and places it into his backpack. The fun of caring for a penguin in a New England Victorian house is followed by a surprise revelation by Elliot's father. Based on the book by Toni Buzzeo and David Small.

  • Image from This Is the Rope: A Story From The Great Migration

    This Is the Rope: A Story From The Great Migration - 2014 - 8 minutes

    The story of one family’s journey north during the Great Migration starts with a little girl in South Carolina who finds a rope under a tree one summer. She has no idea the rope will become part of her family’s history. But for three generations, that rope is passed down, used for everything from jump rope games, to tying suitcases onto a car for the big move north to New York City, and even for a family reunion. Based on the book by Jacqueline Woodson.

  • Image from Me...Jane

    Me...Jane - 2014 - 9 minutes

    Tells the story of a young Jane Goodall and her special childhood toy chimpanzee named Jubilee. As the young Jane observes the natural world around her with wonder, she dreams of being able to help animals, until one day she finds that her dream has come true. Dr. Jane Goodall becomes a renowned humanitarian, conservationist, animal activist, environmentalist, and United Nations Messenger of Peace. Based on the book by Patrick McDonnell.

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