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DCMP News & Announcements

  • Painting of pilgrims and Indians celebrating Thanksgiving outdoors.

    More Learning At Thanksgiving

    Middle school and high school students will enjoy host Dave Stott’s retelling of the Pilgrims' decision to leave England and find a place free from religious persecution in Drive Thru History: The Pilgrims of New England. And they will learn new respect for the Pilgrims surviving the perilous Atlantic crossing and unimaginable hardships encountered in the new land in Desperate Crossing: The Untold Story Of The Mayflower.

  • Outer space view of earth with a red dotted line drawn through the center.

    It’s Fall! But Why Do We Have the Seasons?

    Elementary and middle school students can learn why we have season change and why we have day and night from the easy-to-understand animations in Earth's Rotation and Revolution. The rotation of Earth on its axis, and its revolution around the sun are the focus of this video. Colorful graphics illustrate the movement of our planet throughout the course of a year. Important terminology includes: axis, tilt, rotation, revolution, orbit, season, solstice, and equinox.

  • Hello, November. Country road with colorful fall trees.

    Your Brand New DCMP Titles for November

    If you’re fortunate enough to live in a climate where the seasons change, you get to watch the beautiful changes in nature’s colors! DCMP changes more often than the seasons, by continually adding new accessible media to our library collections. These brand new DCMP titles for November will bring color to your students’ learning!

    Our members and their students may view our media online or by DVD. And for free! Not a DCMP member? Register now, and use these new November videos along with thousands of others in our catalog.

  • A male and female wild turkey.

    Preparing Younger Students for the Day of Thanksgiving

    Your students will love these titles: Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message (Grades K – 4), Molly's Pilgrim (Grades 3 – 6), and Thanksgiving Shared: Native Americans And Pilgrims (Grades 1 – 6).

New Media Releases

  • Image from A Time for Justice: America's Civil Rights Movement

    A Time for Justice: America's Civil Rights Movement - 2011 - 39 minutes

    Academy Award-winning filmmaker Charles Guggenheim captures the spirit of the civil rights movement through historical footage and the voices of those who participated in the struggle. Students are able to witness firsthand the movement’s most dramatic moments-the bus boycott in Montgomery, the school crisis in Little Rock, the violence in Birmingham and the triumphant 1965 march for voting rights.

  • Image from Bullied

    Bullied - 2010 - 48 minutes

    Jamie Nabozny chronicles his ordeal at the hands of anti-gay bullies and offers an inspiring message of hope to those fighting harassment today. Through the documentary, he hopes to help administrators, teachers, and counselors create a safer school environment for all students. He also uses his personal experiences to help all students understand the terrible toll bullying can take on its victims and encourages students to stand up for their classmates who are being harassed.

  • Image from Viva La Causa

    Viva La Causa - 2012 - 48 minutes

    Economic injustice was at the heart of la causa which lead to the grape strike and boycott in the 1960s. Boycott leaders César Chávez and Dolores Huerta joined thousands of people from across the nation in the struggle for justice for the most exploited people in our country – the workers who put food on our tables.

  • Image from Mighty Times: The Children's March

    Mighty Times: The Children's March - - 42 minutes

    The black children of Birmingham felt oppressed at every turn. In the spring of 1963 they played a vital role in restoring humanity to themselves and to a race-divided America. They braved fire hoses and police dogs in an effort to bring segregation to its knees. Their heroism complements discussions about the ability of today’s young people to be catalysts for positive social change.

  • Image from Starting Small: Teaching Children Tolerance

    Starting Small: Teaching Children Tolerance - - 59 minutes

    The vision of community that the early childhood classroom provides can color children’s expectations about equity, cooperation and citizenship for a lifetime. Chronicles seven innovative classrooms in which teachers are helping children practice fairness, respect and tolerance.

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