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DCMP News & Announcements

  • It's Summer Time.

    Young children love this time of year, and Summer contains live-action, colorful footage illustrating the exciting, natural highlights of the season. This DCMP video is a short 12 minutes, and designed for Grades K-3. Activities of plants and animals are explored.

  • Summer Safety Tips - a beach ball.

    Summer Safety shows some common safety hazards around the house. Also includes segments on summer injuries, bicycle and skating safety, heat injuries, water safety/CPR and drowning accidents, and bugs and bites.

  • Still image from animated film Mid-Summer Night's Dream.

    Summer Dreams

    Is your teen dreamy eyed this is summer? A Mid-Summer Night's Dream is a very pleasant experience that is awaiting him or her, and is part of the “Shakespeare: The Animated Tales” series. The beauty of cel animation is that it can make the implausible seem possible. So the spirits of the haunted wood and the bewitching transformations of Titania, Oberon, and the innocent tradesman Bottom come to life with a treatment that complements Shakespeare's spectacular imagery.

New Media Releases

  • Image from American Sign Language Vocabulary Exercise: Restaurant & Dining

    American Sign Language Vocabulary Exercise: Restaurant & Dining - 2011 - 3 minutes

    Everyday ASL Productions is a New York based company founded by a team of ASL educators with varied experiences throughout both deaf and hearing communities. They present useful words and idiomatic expressions related to restaurant dining. Learn the following signs: restaurant, waitress, server, order, eat, food, drink, hungry, and many others.

  • Image from Inventions That Shook The World: 1900s

    Inventions That Shook The World: 1900s - 2009 - 45 minutes

    The decade that kicked off the 20th Century was responsible for two inventions that helped define the next 100 years. The airplane and the radio set the planet on a course to becoming truly a global village. Featured inventions include: the radio, the airplane, the disposable razor, the air conditioner, and the vacuum cleaner.

  • Image from Inventions That Shook The World: 1910s

    Inventions That Shook The World: 1910s - 2009 - 45 minutes

    The decade saw The Great War, The Flu Epidemic and the Titanic disaster. Ten years into the 20th Century and the world is grappling with some serious growing pains. In a decade racked by conflict, there were inventions that made the world both safer and infinitely more dangerous. Featured inventions include: the parachute, the gas mask, the toaster, the Tommy Gun, and sonar.

  • Image from Inventions That Shook The World: 1920s

    Inventions That Shook The World: 1920s - 2009 - 45 minutes

    The roaring '20s marked a decade of unprecedented prosperity. It's no wonder the inventions that defined the 1920s are all about entertainment and convenience. Motion picture and television are two of the greatest inventions since sliced bread - both of which were invented during this time. Other inventions featured include the rocket, the lie detector, and Einstein’s refrigerator.

  • Image from Inventions That Shook The World: 1930s

    Inventions That Shook The World: 1930s - 2009 - 44 minutes

    In a decade dominated by the Great Depression, the inventors of the 1930s were desperately trying to make a living. They come up with some simple yet ingenious inventions that are still practical necessities in our fast-paced life. Featured inventions include: the helicopter, xerography, the parking meter, the walkie talkie, and the electric guitar.

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