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DCMP News & Announcements

  • Leonard Nimoy, with one eyebrow raised, and a Spock toy figure on his shoulder.

    Lived Long and Prospered: Leonard Nimoy, 1931-2015

    Actor Leonard Nimoy, best known for his iconic role as Spock in Star Trek, died February 27, 2015. Nimoy is also well-known for narrating television programs such as In Search of… and History Happened Here, the latter being a series in the DCMP collection that members and their students can view. Like millions of Americans, Nimoy had a hearing loss, and nevertheless lived a long and prosperous life.

  • Laila Ali, stands smiling, wearing a dark, sleeveless dress. Logo says All In with Laila Ali.

    New Titles for March

    You won't believe the incredible lineup of our 47 new titles for March! You'll find some familiar names like Jack Hannah, Jamie Oliver, Laila Ali, and Jeff Corwin along with titles from award-winning producers like Litton Entertainment, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. From social issues to oceanography, each one is described and captioned, and many are available in High-definition video.

  • A young girl with freckles holds a baseball with a determined look on her face. Her long brown hair covers her right eye. She wears a blue sleeveless shirt that has red, yellow and green stripes around the shoulders and neckline.

    Like a Girl

    National Women’s History Month is the time to recognize not only the contributions of women’s events in history, but also in contemporary society. As we teach our children about the vital role of women today and in history, we reveal to them the present opportunities and hurdles of their generation, as they redefine what it means to be a girl in the 21st century.

    The 2015 Super Bowl ad “#LikeAGirl” won kudos all over the Internet for changing the conversation about what it means to run, throw, and do pretty much any activity "like a girl." It shows differences in how young women, boys, and young girls perceive the phrase. Watch it now!

New Media Releases

  • Image from Super Why! The Three Little Pigs

    Super Why! The Three Little Pigs - 2007 - 28 minutes

    Pig is building towers with blocks, and Jill keeps knocking them down. Pig wants her to stop. The Super Readers fly into The Three Little Pigs story to have a discussion with the Big Bad Wolf, who certainly knows a thing or two about knocking things down. When all the huffing and puffing is done, Pig learns an important lesson about friendship.

  • Image from Super Why! The Little Mermaid

    Super Why! The Little Mermaid - 2008 - 28 minutes

    Pig feels different from his friends, which makes him very sad. The Super Readers dive into the story of "The Little Mermaid" to talk with Little Mermaid, whose tail sets her apart from kids on land. As the Super Readers explore the ocean floor with the Little Mermaid, Pig slowly begins to see why being different can be special.

  • Image from Observing Weather

    Observing Weather - - 12 minutes

    Live-action weather footage helps students learn how they can observe the weather. Concepts and terminology discussed include: temperature, air pressure, weather systems, precipitation, and wind.

  • Image from The Henry Ford Innovation Nation With Mo Rocca: Microscopic Windmills

    The Henry Ford Innovation Nation With Mo Rocca: Microscopic Windmills - 2014 - 21 minutes

    In this episode, Mo Rocca explores how teen inventors are out to stop distracted driving, and learns how Thomas Edison’s inventions are still making us look all look like slackers. Then, he explores the invasion of the drones and windmills the size of fleas that have the potential to revolutionize electric power.

  • Image from The Henry Ford Innovation Nation With Mo Rocca: Medical MacGyver

    The Henry Ford Innovation Nation With Mo Rocca: Medical MacGyver - 2014 - 21 minutes

    In this episode, Mo Rocca explores a Medical MacGyver that makes health devices from toys, train spinning, computerized Smart Shopping Carts, and soda bottle lights.

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