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DCMP News & Announcements

  • It's Summer Time.

    Young children love this time of year, and Summer contains live-action, colorful footage illustrating the exciting, natural highlights of the season. This DCMP video is a short 12 minutes, and designed for Grades K-3. Activities of plants and animals are explored.

  • Summer Safety Tips - a beach ball.

    Summer Safety shows some common safety hazards around the house. Also includes segments on summer injuries, bicycle and skating safety, heat injuries, water safety/CPR and drowning accidents, and bugs and bites.

  • Still image from animated film Mid-Summer Night's Dream.

    Summer Dreams

    Is your teen dreamy eyed this is summer? A Mid-Summer Night's Dream is a very pleasant experience that is awaiting him or her, and is part of the “Shakespeare: The Animated Tales” series. The beauty of cel animation is that it can make the implausible seem possible. So the spirits of the haunted wood and the bewitching transformations of Titania, Oberon, and the innocent tradesman Bottom come to life with a treatment that complements Shakespeare's spectacular imagery.

New Media Releases

  • Image from Reading Blue Jeans: Clothing and Culture

    Reading Blue Jeans: Clothing and Culture - 2009 - 25 minutes

    Inscribed on every pair of jeans is the story of how a worker’s garment became one of the most universal fashions of the world. The biography of the blue jean is the story of changing attitudes toward work, fashion, leisure and gender.

  • Image from Buying and Selling: How Trading Shapes Our World

    Buying and Selling: How Trading Shapes Our World - 2008 - 25 minutes

    Students see some of the effects of their consumer choices - and in the process, build a deeper understanding of market economies. When a consumer buys a T-shirt, a car, or a cup of coffee, they send messages to a complex web of people all over the world. The marketplace of buying and selling is far more than a convenient way to get the stuff consumers crave - it shapes personal freedom and drives material progress.

  • Image from Why We Wear Clothes

    Why We Wear Clothes - 2011 - 24 minutes

    As a tool of the individual and of culture, clothing has meaning. Students explore the functional, social, and psychological aspects of clothing and learn how clothing provides more than just protection from the elements. Clothing offers comfort, helps people to fit in with peer groups, and encourages consumers to follow trends. The right clothes can boost self-image and confidence, too. Students also examine the fashion industry, as well as the influential role that marketing and advertising play in daily decisions of what to wear.

  • Image from Sexual Harassment at School  (Educator Video)

    Sexual Harassment at School (Educator Video) - 2011 - 18 minutes

    Provides crucial information to help educators define their role in preventing and responding to sexual harassment. Educators learn the role of Title IX policies, a method of reporting harassment, and ways to prevent it at school.

  • Image from Sexual Harassment at School  (Student Video)

    Sexual Harassment at School (Student Video) - 2011 - 21 minutes

    Do students really understand what sexual harassment is? Students learn how to identify when actions may constitute harassment and how to differentiate them from flirting.

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