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DCMP News & Announcements

  • A young boy with long hair rides a skateboard with the words Heart Child.

    Autism Awareness Month

    Autism is a lifelong developmental disability with no single known cause. Learn about its impact and how it is being dealt with through viewing of DCMP titles such as these: 1) Heart Child. This documentary chronicles the story of a mother's journey to create and sustain a non-profit organization for autistic children. While she has health struggles of her own, she starts A.skate (Autism. Skating with Kids through Acceptance, Therapy, and Education); 2) Living With a Challenge. Shares experiences of children with autism and other disabilities who have been bullied; and 3) The Spectrum of Autism. Relates the experiences, challenges, and problems of several families who have struggled to care for children who are at various points on the spectrum.

  • A teen girl sits in her living room, talking and gesturing.

    Child Abuse Prevention Month

    Each year, there are nearly three million reports of child abuse and neglect. We also know that the risk of violence to children with disabilities is routinely three to four times higher than that of non-disabled children. Your awareness of this terrible problem will grow through views of DCMP resources such as: 1) A Terrible Secret. Young Nari has a terrible secret she can't tell anyone. Her drawings in art class of dark images and scary faces are of concern to her teacher, who senses what might be wrong; 2) The Eleventh Commandment. In this music video, Collin Raye addresses the heartbreaking reality of child abuse; and 3) Talk to Me. One in six victims of sexual assault is under the age of twelve. Preteen and teen victims are often silenced by fear, shame, guilt, and threats of reprisal.

  • A teen girl of color looks at the camera with the words: Myth, Alcohol is harmless.

    Alcohol Awareness Month

    Alcohol is the drug of choice among youth. Many of these young people are experiencing the consequences of drinking at too early an age. As a result, underage drinking is a leading public health problem in this country. Awaken your students awareness to this problem with DCMP titles like these: 1) Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana. Tells how the young brain works and the short- and long- term effects of drugs on it. Part of The Danger Zone: Steering Clear of Drugs series; 2) Getting Stupid: How Drugs Damage Your Brain. Presents scientific information on the effects of alcohol, marijuana, inhalants, and other drugs. Also available in Spanish; and 3) Totally True Facts About Alcohol. Presents myths and facts about alcoholic beverages. Uses a mix of teen hosts and kids talking about real-life experiences. Part of the Drug Facts Action Pack series (with lesson guides).

New Media Releases

  • Image from Wild Chronicles: Photographic Preservation of Hawaii

    Wild Chronicles: Photographic Preservation of Hawaii - 2006 - 7 minutes

    A photographic survey of the northwest Hawaiian Islands brings a hidden world into view. Segment of video from Wild Chronicles Series.

  • Image from Wild Chronicles: Mekong Giant Catfish

    Wild Chronicles: Mekong Giant Catfish - 2006 - 6 minutes

    In Cambodia's Mekong River, the giant catfish is in danger of extinction. Can it be saved? Segment of video from Wild Chronicles Series.

  • Image from Wild Chronicles: Tarantulas

    Wild Chronicles: Tarantulas - 2006 - 5 minutes

    Tarantula expert Rick West wants to give tarantulas a new non-scary image. He has traveled to French Guiana looking for the largest tarantula in the world: the Goliath. As he tracks and explains the spider, he hopes fear will turn to fascination. Segment of video from Wild Chronicles Series.

  • Image from Wild Chronicles: John F. Kennedy and PT 109

    Wild Chronicles: John F. Kennedy and PT 109 - 2006 - 6 minutes

    National Geographic researcher Bob Ballard discovers the legendary PT-109 shipwreck which was captained by John F. Kennedy. The boat was sunk during World War II in the Pacific Theater of the war. Segment of video from Wild Chronicles Series.

  • Image from Wild Chronicles: In Search of Shangri-La

    Wild Chronicles: In Search of Shangri-La - 2006 - 7 minutes

    A century ago, Joseph Rock traveled to the mountains of Tibet. He studied the people and the environment. Today, a new team of explorers have arrived and they are ready to retrace his footsteps to land called Sangria-La. Segment of video from Wild Chronicles Series.

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